(Last Updated On: July 22, 2017)

Did you get a mail offer to apply for the Disney credit card from Chase? Instructions to apply for the Disney Visa were likely pointing you to visit getmydisneyvisa.com.

Disney fans may want to apply to earn 1% in Disney Rewards Dollars on card purchases. The offer states that you can redeem Rewards Dollars toward most anything Disney.

It’s likely that you have a pretty good credit history if you were mailed this invitation to apply. If you are a big fan of the Disney brand, this could be an exciting card to use with its rewards. A card with no annual fee, rewards and 10 designs to choose from is tempting for most people. However we wouldn’t shy away from exploring credit cards that are competitive in rewards, such as cash back or air miles.

To accept this credit card offer from Chase, follow these steps:


  • Visit www.getmydisneyvisa.com. This is an invitation to apply, not a pre-approval letter.
  • Enter your 12 digit invitation number located on the bottom right of the mail piece
  • Enter your 5 digit zip code
  • Enter your last name
  • Fill out the credit card application

Once you submit the application, wait for a decision. You may have to wait for a decision by mail if you do not get an immediate response.


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