(Last Updated On: September 3, 2020)

If you received a credit card offer from Discovercard to go to the website discover.com/miles then you were pre-selected to apply for the “it Miles Card”.

The excellent credit rating that you likely have was the primary reason you received this letter. The invitation number does not guarantee your approval, but is simply an invitation to apply for the Discover It Miles Card.

From our research, we found that there is no annual fee, no blackout dates, unlimited earnings rewards points, and the ability to fly on any airline.

We always recommend that credit card applicants shop around for cards that suit the travel and financial needs before applying.

If you want this card, and wish to respond to the invitation, follow these instructions:

  • Visit www.discover.com/miles
  • Ensure your invitation did not expire by looking at the top section of the letter
  • Enter your 23 digit invitation number in the form
  • Submit the form and fill out the application

After you fill out the Discover It Miles Card application, you should receive a quick online response, or a response by mail if there are follow-up items that need to be addressed.

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