(Last Updated On: January 9, 2021)

You may have received a credit card mail offer that pointed you to go to

Some of the perks of the Reflex Mastercard (as of this writing) include:

Credit Limit: Card offers are for an authentic Mastercard with
a Credit Limit between $300 and $750.

Rates: APR(variable) ranges from 25.90% to 29.99%.

Annual Fee: Ranges from $75 to $99.

All pre-qualified offers are based on credit worthiness.

$0 Fraud Liability: Card holders not held responsible for unauthorized
charges on the Reflex card.

Potential Credit Limit Increase*: You may be eligible for a credit limit increase after six months of required monthly minimum payments, subject to income and underwriting criteria at the time of review.

Report to All 3 Major Credit Bureaus: To help people build or re-establish credit history.

The interest rates and fees are steep. If you are having trouble getting approved for other cards, then we understand that the Reflex card could be a good fit.

According to the Continental Finance website, this offer does not mean that you are guaranteed approval. Quote “By clicking No Reservation Number you will be re-directed to our online Reflex Pre-Qualification page. This page is separate from the mail offer you received. To qualify for the specific terms of the mail offer you received you are required to have a reservation number.”

If you wish to apply for a second card from Reflex, follow these steps: Screenshot
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your reservation number
  3. Enter your social security number
  4. Fill out the next form to see if you pre-qualify

You can still see if you pre-qualify without an invitation number. It won’t affect your credit score, and takes less than a minute. You can then review your offer and apply.

There are other options to apply for another card, such as browsing and choosing a card from credit card comparison sites or banks if you don’t feel that this is the right fit for you. If you choose high interest rate cards, you should always pay off your balance regularly to avoid paying these fees.

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